Spring 2012 Results

A great afternoon at Donnington Park in Newbury. The full results are in this pdf file, there's a summary below.

Afternoon Results

Overall Winner

Jerry Spencer 31 points, 1 ahead of his nearest competitors, Phil and Mike.

Phil Reeve had a fine afternoon, just missing out on the trophy by one point. He had the best front nine with 19 points, won the nearest the pin prize and shared the longest drive with Mike Conroy

Mike Conroy had the best back nine with 18 points and shared the longest drive with Phil

Notable Mentions

  • There were no gross eagles, but Phil Reeve managed a net eagle
  • Phil Reeve and Gordon Neilson were the only two who managed gross birdies
  • Mike Conroy had the highest net birdies with 5 and the highest gross pars with 6
  • Phil reeve had the highest gross bogey count, but given his overall performance it might suggest some pretty consistent play to his handicap
  • Harley, on his debut, seemed to let competition nerves get the better of him, 18 gross double bogeys or worse (12 of them remained after taking handicap into account)!
  • Dave Canderton and Phil Reeve had 9 net pars each - some consistent play to your handicaps boys

Interesting Facts and Figures

  • Overall we scored (it was a bit tougher than previous events)
    • 1 net eagle
    • 2 gross birdies and 20 net
    • 18 gross pars and 67 net
    • 63 net bogeys and 65 doubles or worse
  • The average points scored per hole was 1.21 - that must be one of our lowest!
  • The 9th was the hardest hole; we averaged just 0.75 points on that one! It has an SI of 14
    • The 8th and 13th weren't far behind, giving up only 0.92 points each from an SI of 4 and 9 respectively
    • We managed at least 1.0 on all the others
  • The 17th was the easiest on the day, providing an average of 1.75 points each, its SI was 7
  • The front nine was notably harder, our average was just 1.08, on the back nine we averaged 1.37
  • The easiest hole by SI was the 7th, were we managed 1.17
  • The hardest hole by SI was the 10th, were we managed 1.42
  • The best gross score on the day was 92 (oh my!) by yours truly - it wasn't that hard a course was it?
  • Phil Reeve did not card a single score of worse that net bogey - our Mr Faldo for the day
  • There was a bias towards lower handicaps scoring better, but with a lot of scatter