Autumn 2011 Results

A welcome and surprisingly fine burst of good weather late in the season shined upon us at Burhill, a little challenging at times in the morning since it was difficult to see in the low sun, but I don't think we'd swap it for rain! Anyway, Nigel Attwood took full advantage of the benign conditions on his return, having missed the spring event, taking an almost clean sweep of the prizes! The full results can be found in this pdf file.

Morning Results

Yellow Ball Winners

Nigel Attwood, Jerry Burton, Duncan Clark and Peter Blackman

Blind Pairs Winners

Nigel Attwood and Paul Stevens

Notable Mentions

  • Jerry Burton and Liam Richards made best use of the yellow ball, being the only players scoring 3 time's each with it
  • Jerry was the star of the morning golf with 21 points net and 26 with the yellow ball
  • Paul Stevens (19), Murray Scott and Nigel Attwood (both 18) were pretty close behind on net score
  • Jerry and Nigel were on the same team in the yellow ball comp, explaining how team 2 walked away with the prize, a full 10 points ahead of their nearest competitors. Duncan Clark and Peter Blackman contributed a total of 18 points to the winning yellow ball score - every shot counts!
  • In the blind pairs Nigel Attwood and Paul Stevens were paired - they were two of the top four players in the morning, guess who won with 37 points?
  • Murray Scott and Barry Griffiths tried to make a contest of it, amassing 34 points
  • Peter Blackman helped Jerry Burton creep up to 29 for a respectable 3rd place in the blind pairs
  • Three players vied for the honour of having 3 added to their am handicap, scoring 8 points each, Dave Roberts, Peter Blackman and Rob Ashton. On a reverse eagles, birdies, pars countback (net basis) Dave grabbed the best handicap correction moving from 22 to 25, followed by Rob (+2) and Peter (+1)

Afternoon Results

Overall Winner

  • Nigel Attwood having drawn with 3 other players (Jerry Burton, Duncan Clark and Paul Stevens) on 34 points won courtesy of 2 net eagles and 5 net birdies.

Front Nine, Back Nine

  • Jerry Burton won the front nine comp with 17 points (same as Nigel but the championship winner can't also win the front or back nine)
  • Duncan Clark won the back nine comp with 18 points (Nigel and Jerry scored 17 each)

Big Boy and Mr Precision

  • Barry Griffiths walked away with the longest drive and Dave Roberts was pipped at the post for nearest the pin by, you guessed it Nigel Attwood

Notable Mentions

  • Nigel won the championship courtesy of scoring five net birdies, Duncan Clark managing three - both scored one net eagle each
  • Paul Stevens finished a good 3rd with no net eagles but four net birdies and Jerry Burton finished fourth courtesy of 2 net birdies
  • Dave Roberts, in the first group out, posted the first name of the nearest the pin sheet, Nigel replaced him from team three and no-one who came after managed to get inside Nigel's effort - I don't know how many folk actually hit the green, we have a history of the nearest the pin winner being the only one to actually hit the green!
  • Phil reeve posted the first name on the longest drive sheet from team three (no-one in teams one and two actually hit the fairway!) only to be bettered by Barry in the next team along
  • After those four excellent scores of 34 each, no other player managed to get into the thirties, the next highest score being 25 by Chris Locke

Interesting Facts and Figures

  • These figures are missing some scores unfortunately, we lost one of the afternoon cards meaning we have total stableford scores for Rob Ashton, Paul Stevens and Barry Griffiths but nothing else, so their scores arn't included in the stats for the afternoon
    • No gross eagles and 7 net eagles, Jerry Burton snagging 2 of them
    • 5 gross birdies, Jerry grabbing 2 of them and 41 net birdies, Nigel Attwood grabbing 7 of them
    • 43 gross pars, jerry taking 9 of them and 122 net pars, Jerry (again) shooting 15 of them
    • 122 gross bogeys (91 net) and 183 doubles or worse (90 net) - names hidden to protect the innocent / guilty (delete as you wish)
  • The average points scored per hole was 1.34 for the afternoon play
  • The 7th was the hardest hole in the afternoon; we averaged just 0.67 points on that one! It has an SI of 9 (a par 4)
  • The 13th was the easiest on the day, providing an average of 1.83 points each. The SI is 15 (a par 3)
  • That's right, we didn't get close to averagig 2 points on any hole in the afternoon
  • In the Yellow Ball comp the winning team had the middle average handicap, the team with the lowest average handicap came a distant last
  • The blind pairs had a stronger correlation with handicap, the worst two pairs having the higher average handicaps, but the winning pair where in the middle of the pack (handicap wise)
    • So the handicap adjustments continue to move us in the right direction, neutralising the imapct of absolute handicap and the winners tending to reflect the best relative play on the day rather than what was happening early on where most of the winners came from to lower handicap players
  • In the afternoon, the three players with 34 points each had handicaps of 11, 18, 18 and 19. The average handicap on the day was 19.7, so I think that once again the handicap changes we continue to make are having the desired effect and allowing players of any ability to compete on their day