Spring 2010 Results

Another fine day of golf, started by Rob dispensing with the yellow ball on the first shot of the first hole and finished by Pete Mc targetting the clubhouse (and the rest of us) from 50yds with his deadly wedge play! You can get the full results in this pdf file, there's a summary below.

Morning Results

Yellow Ball Winners

Iain More, Dave Roberts, Pete McIntyre

Blind Pairs Winners

Gordon Neilson and Iain More

Notable Mentions

  • Iain, Dave and Pete were also part of the Autumn '09 winning yellow ball team
  • Iain More and Pete McIntyre had the best of it in the morning, scoring 18 points each and adding 24 each to their teams yellow ball score
  • The stand out round in the morning was from Gordon, shooting a fine 34 gross with Iain More just pitting him to the winning net score with 33 vs. 34 ! both very fine scores!
  • Nigel Attwood was the only player to hit a birdie (gross) in the morning whilst both he and Pete McIntyre managed a net eagle each
  • Peter Blackman had 9 holes with double bogey or worse (ouch!)

Afternoon Results

Overall Winner

Mike Conroy

Gordon Neilson walked away with the longest drive and Iain More lifted the nearest the pin trophy

Notable Mentions

  • After a poor 13 points in the morning a good lunch and a pint of Guinness appeared to do wonders for Mike Conroy's golf in the afternoon - it really is wonderful stuff that Guiness!
  • Andy Wraight and Nigel Attwood were the bookies favourites after 9 holes with 22 and 20 points but faded on the back nine with only 10 points each
  • Andy also knocked up 2 birdies (gross) and 2 eagles (net)
  • Iain More was best on the back nine with 17 points, maybe he relaxed after scoring 10 on the front nine?

Interesting Facts and Figures

  • Overall we scored
    • 5 net eagles
    • 53 net birdies
    • 113 net pars
    • 92 net bogeys and 61 doubles or worse
  • The average points scored per hole was 1.51
  • The 11th was the hardest hole; we averaged just 1.0 points on that one! It has an SI of 18
  • The 3rd was the next hardest with just 1.1 points on average ! too many balls in the wee stream?
  • The 12th was the easiest on the day, providing an average of 2.0 points each
  • One player broke 80 gross, a net 66 ! bandit!
  • In the Yellow Ball comp the highest average handicap players won, this was reversed for the Blind Pairs
  • In the afternoon, there was slight favouritism for a lower handicap but it's a smaller effect than when we first started over 2 years ago