Spring 2011 Results

A fine if challenging day at Southfield Golf Club in Oxford, the course was in excellent condition, especially the greens and it certainly threw down a challenge if you weren't on good form (as yours truly discovered). The full results are in this pdf file, there's a summary below.

Did anyone take any photos on the day? Particularly of the winners?

Morning Results

Yellow Ball Winners

Liam Richards, Andy Wraight, Chris Locke

Blind Pairs Winners

Chris Locke, Andy Wraight

Notable Mentions

  • Chris and Andy cleaned up with great rounds in the morning
    • Chris had a net par morning
    • Andy had a net 2 under for the morning from a tough handicap!
  • Dave, Liam and Iain also managed net par for the morning
  • Only Andy broke 40 gross in the morning
  • The top three yellow ball scores were all from one team!
    • They won the yellow ball comp even before we corrected their score for only being three players!
  • Iain and Andy both managed one net eagle each, 5 players managed two net birdies
  • Only Iain and Andy managed gross birdies

Afternoon Results

Overall Winner

Gordon Neilson scored a fantastic 40 points, 9 ahead of his nearest competitors, Phil and Dave. His afternoon included 23 points on the back nine from a gross score of 2 under, the overall round being 5 over gross, 2 under net from full handicap which is 1 below standard scratch or 1 under net from 7/8ths

Phil Reeve had the best front nine with 19 points

Chris Locke had the best back nine with 16 points

Andy Wraight picked up longest drive being just inches ahead of Gordon Neilson who was attempting to win the trophy for the third time on the trot (that would have cost us a new trophy!) and Mike Conroy lifted the nearest the pin trophy courtesy of being the only player to hit the green! third time that's happened in our five outings.

Notable Mentions

  • Gordon and Pete Mc managed two net eagles each, of one of Gordon's being a gross eagle on the last
  • Chris and Dave led the field with 8 net pars each
    • Gordon went with the Nick Faldo approach again with 9 gross pars
  • Andy perhaps ruined his chances of matching Gordon by hitting 8 net bogeys matched by Peter and Rob
  • Peter and Morris shrouded the rest of us in relative glory with 7 and 10 net doubles (or worse) respectively

Interesting Facts and Figures

  • Overall we scored (it was a bit tougher than previous events)
    • 1 gross eagle and 7 net
    • 10 gross birdies and 46 net
    • 56 gross pars and 111 net
    • 80 net bogeys and 71 doubles or worse
  • The average points scored per hole was 1.44 for the afternoon play
  • The 12th was the hardest hole in the afternoon; we averaged just 0.83 points on that one! It has an SI of 10
    • The 2nd wasn't far behind, giving up only 0.92 points on average from an SI of 12
  • The 4th was the easiest on the day, providing an average of 2.25 points each ! despite the sadistic pin placement in the middle of a severe slope ! it's also SI 18
    • The par 3 17th, of similar length and apparent challenge only threw away 1.17 points per player, it's SI 17, maybe the pressure of nearest the pin got to us?
  • The hole ranked SI 1 (3rd) gave up 1.25 points to each of us and SI 2 (10th) gave away 1.08, our second easiest hole
    • You just can't believe the SI ranking anymore ! wasn't like this in the good ol'e days!
  • In the Yellow Ball and Blind Pairs handicap wasn't much of an influence, so the handicaps in the morning are looking about right (on average)
  • In the afternoon, if we put Gordon's score aside, there was very little influence of handicap on points scored, so it looks like the changes are working their magic and evening out the competition (despite the moans and groans)
    • Everyone can be a winner!